Heaven’s Gun

Jacob is a small-time criminal who dabbles in everything from drugs to prostitutes to illegal weapons. When he finds a gun that seems to be of supernatural origin, he begins to dream of the big time. His dream turns into a nightmare when he realizes some supernatural beings want their toy back.

This is Heaven’s Gun (Harambee K Grey-Sun, 2014) a little story that carries a powerful message and a clear sense of intelligence, as well. The characters are all relentlessly dark and the police state into which society has devolved doesn’t give them much hope.

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HEAVEN'S GUNThis one was very different for me. It’s Heaven’s Gun, by Harambee K Grey-Sun. A sort of sci-fi/horror mix set in the not-too-distant future, it’s a short story of a society verging on a police state, and a criminal organization that operates within it. There’s a certain intelligence to this story that spoke to me, a certain immutable malevolence that had permeated deep inside each character, making me wonder if this is where we’re all headed.

Check out the audio sample here and then buy it on Audible.com. Hey, it’s only $6.95. How can you refuse? Besides, it’s got a killer cover.