Three Early Stories



Three Early Stories (Devault-Graves — 2014) is an important book, and I hardly ever say that about any book. What makes it important is the fact that it’s the first legitimate publication of any JD Salinger material in 50 years. Salinger was notoriously secretive and guarded his work closely. These stories, however, were among the first things he ever published, appearing in obscure magazines back in the early 1940s. They have not seen the light of day since.

The span of time notwithstanding, Salinger’s sly style appears nearly fully formed, as his unique take on human relationships bleeds through every line. The Young Folks takes place during a cocktail party at the home of the young hostess’ parents. The second story, Go See Eddie, deals with a young man returning from a business trip.

But it is the final story, Once A Week Won’t Kill You, where Salinger hits it out of the park. Dripping with poignancy, this heartfelt tale concerns a young man going off to fight in World War II, and he must say goodbye to his loved ones. It feels fresh and alive today, and is a great example of how Salinger could say volumes by leaving words out.


I was pretty stoked when Devault-Graves selected me to narrate this historic audiobook. Many thanks to them. And many thanks to you who buy it and enjoy this new treatment of the work of JD Salinger.

Now available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

In December, 2014, this audiobook reached all the way to #1 on’s Best Seller list (all categories).