I, The Jury

This one needs no introduction. Mickey Spillane introduced Mike Hammer to a waiting world in 1947 and literature hasn’t been the same since. This is the very first time this novel has been available as an unabridged audiobook, containing 100% of Spillane’s original fiery text. Available on AmazonAudible, and iTunes.

A Bad Woman

Chalk Line Books has done it again. They’ve released another hardboiled classic so that today’s readers and listeners may enjoy it, and they selected me to narrate it. This time, it’s A Bad Woman by James M Cain. It was formerly known as A Sinful Woman, but for some reason, the publisher changed the title.

Cain was the author of such iconic noir masterpieces as Double Indemnity and Mildred Pierce, and very few authors could effectively mix sex, jealousy, and murder as well as he could.

The story is set in 1940s Reno, Nevada, then known as America’s divorce capital. Film star Sylvia Shoreham is wowing the dusty gambling town and is hell-bent on divorcing her conniving user of a husband, a foreigner with a slick tongue and a heavy accent. But he has other ideas.

This unabridged audiobook is now available on Audible.com.