Leave Her To Heaven

Despite the dreamy title and literary ambitions, this is truly one of the darkest noir novels ever written. A #1 best-seller at the time of its release in 1944, the novel deals with the twisted desires of Ellen Berent, whose unhealthy fixation on her father leads to her undoing. Following her father’s death, she meets Richard Harland, a handsome author, who resembles a younger version of him, and she transfers her obsession to Harland. Things swiftly head south.

Adapted for the screen in 1945, it went on to become an Oscar-winning film as well as a film noir classic. The lush color photography masks the evil that resides at the story’s heart, making for a chilling film experience. The audiobook was a pleasure for me to narrate, and I’m thrilled to be able to add it to my catalog.

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