My audiobook narration of Maggie Cassidy (Devault-Graves, 2016) by Jack Kerouac has just gone live.

This is, some say, Kerouac’s most accessible work. A plaintive tale of young love and all its complications in a hard-bitten New England manufacturing town of 1939, it’s actually autobiographical, thinly-veiled. Kerouac had a keen memory for details, which allowed him to recreate the characters, situations, and the settings in Lowell, Massachusetts with such clarity.

This is not only the first time this novel has appeared in audiobook form, but it’s also the first time it’s appeared anywhere in its full, uncensored form. Kerouac used some profanity in spots, which publishers at the time were reluctant to include in the final version. The original text was used for the preparation of this edition and this audiobook.

While narrating this book, I was able to catch the flashes of Kerouac’s genius as a writer. I’m sure you’ll be able to do the same. Check it out on Amazon, Audible, or iTunes.



I’m very pleased to announce my audiobook narration of Lawrence Block’s The Girl With The Deep Blue Eyes (Recorded Books, 2015) has gone live.

This is a brand new novel by Block, aka the master of crime fiction, who got the idea to write it in a taxi on his way to the airport. He wanted to write something that hearkened back to the pulp novels of the 1950s (which, coincidentally is exactly when he broke into the business), and he certainly succeeded.

This one is as noir as it gets. Sexy, steamy, dripping with betrayal and murder, the story is set in rural Florida, where few outsiders ever go. If you like it, go to AmazonAudible, or iTunes and buy it!


I-the-jury original cover 2I just found out from Simon & Schuster that my narration of Mickey Spillane’s I, The Jury will be released July 28. This was the first Mike Hammer novel and the best-selling novel of Spillane’s entire career, which spanned almost sixty years. The cover’s not ready yet, so I’m including one of the old paperback covers for the heck of it. I’m hoping it does well.


HEAVEN'S GUNThis one was very different for me. It’s Heaven’s Gun, by Harambee K Grey-Sun. A sort of sci-fi/horror mix set in the not-too-distant future, it’s a short story of a society verging on a police state, and a criminal organization that operates within it. There’s a certain intelligence to this story that spoke to me, a certain immutable malevolence that had permeated deep inside each character, making me wonder if this is where we’re all headed.

Check out the audio sample here and then buy it on Audible.com. Hey, it’s only $6.95. How can you refuse? Besides, it’s got a killer cover.